FilesApp Documentation and Service Description

Requirements for using the FilesApp AI

In order to use the FilesApp API efficiently, the following requirements must be met:

  • access to API documentation: Customers can request access to the detailed FilesApp API specification, which includes information on how to use both the FilesApp GraphQL and FilesApp REST APIs.
  • understanding the API language: A solid understanding of GraphQL or REST is necessary to effectively use the features and capabilities of our API.
  • network access: A stable internet connection is required to enable reliable communication with our API.

Requirements for the system to be connected

In order to integrate the FilesApp API set into the customer’s system, the following requirements must be met:

  • backend support: the backend system must be able to handle both GraphQL and REST requests. This can be achieved by using appropriate libraries and frameworks in the preferred programming language.
  • error handling: the system should be able to respond to possible errors returned by the FilesApp API. This requires an appropriate error handling strategy.
  • client libraries: Leveraging client libraries such as Apollo for GraphQL and corresponding libraries for REST can make the process of API interaction much easier.
  • system performance: the system must be able to meet the possible performance requirements that may arise from communicating with the FilesApp API.

FilesApp License

In terms of the storage system, a FilesApp Business Professional license is required for the connection for users using the file management workflow. For example, in office management, a workflow can be triggered, which is executed when a user in the accounting department sets a certain tag for the file for it in FilesApp, and this file is then moved to another directory. The users who trigger this workflow will need a FilesApp Business Professional license. In this case, the users of accounting. For other users, such as Controlling, who have access to these files but do not edit them, a FilesApp Business Basic license is sufficient.

API Calls

API usage is limited to 100,000 calls per month. A higher number of API calls is possible on request, the price for which can be requested by e-mail via