FilesApp Documentation and Service Description

License Management

General information about FilesApp License Management

Every user has the opportunity to use the application himself with a free license. This includes the simultaneous use of the app on all operating systems for which the FilesApp was developed and via web client.

Connections for private storage systems and, in the case of desktop variants, local drives can be integrated and the functions described in the product variants can be used. These connections are also free licenses.

The Business Applications and Connections are subject to a fee. These are available on a subscription basis.

Licensing of the FilesApp Private product variant

If the user confirms the FilesApp Terms of Use when accessing the app for the first time, a free FilesApp Private license is available to him/her as a basic variant.

Licensing of the FilesApp Private+ product variant

A FilesApp Private+ license can be booked directly in the corresponding app store with the user’s account.

Licensing FilesApp Business Product Variants

Licenses of the FilesApp Business product variants can be booked via the Online Store function of the FilesApp website

A corresponding number of licenses must be booked per connection. A mixed booking of the business product variants is possible, as well as the booking of several identical connections for different environments of the same storage system.

The business licenses are booked as a pool license.

License management for the FilesApp Business product variants

The account and the associated e-mail address, which is used to book the licenses in the FilesApp shop, is automatically the admin of the connection.

Users can be managed in the FilesApp License Manager – access is via web or desktop client. A license is assigned for each user and the rights admin or user can be assigned.

In addition, the FilesApp Admins have the option to revoke FilesApp licenses from users in the FilesApp License Manager.

License check for FilesApp Business product variants

The license check for FilesApp Business product variants, whether a license is available for the user, is done in FilesApp when setting up a connection and when calling a connection, for example when searching or navigating in the directories in FilesApp.

If a user wants to add a FilesApp Business Connection and clicks on the plus sign next to the connections in FilesApp, he/she can select the type of connector in the next window.

After selecting the type of connector, the user is asked to enter his/her e-mail address, and the following constellations are then checked by FilesApp:

  • A FilesApp connector license is available for the connector and the corresponding domain and  the user is assigned a FilesApp license  with  his or her e-mail address continue with login
  • A FilesApp Connector license is available for the connector and the corresponding domain and the  user  is not assigned a FilesApp  license with his or her e-mail address ➝ Notify admin button to request a license
  • There is no FilesApp  connector license available for the connector and the corresponding domain ➝ Notification that there are no licenses for this connection yet and whether the user wants to book a license