FilesApp Documentation and Service Description

Local Drive Connector

General Information

In the desktop versions, the local storage systems, which are connected via the computer’s operating system, are automatically available in FilesApp free of charge. Both the search and the file storage are possible in this connection.


Local drive mounted in an up-to-date operating system such as Windows or MAC OS.

Installation of FilesApp Desktop App for Windows or MAC OS.


No setup is required for the integration of the local storage systems, these are automatically available after the start of FilesApp.


No administration is required for Local Drive Connections.


The login to the Local Drive Connections takes place when the user logs on to the operating system.

FilesApp Features

The local storage systems are not cloud storage systems, so the share function is not available with this type of connection, because FilesApp uses the functions of the storage system on an API basis and these are not available by default on local storage systems.

The same applies to the search, the local files would have to be indexed and transferred to the cloud. For local search, the file manager of the operating system is available.