FilesApp Documentation and Service Description

Global Search

Search in general

If the Global Search is selected by clicking/typing in the corresponding field, “All” files will be displayed first.

If strings are now entered for the search, FilesApp filters for the characters in all areas, such as file names, directories, tags and file contents.

Search in file names

For a more detailed search only for file names that contain the string specified in the search, the “File name” tab is available.

Search in directory names

The targeted search for directories is possible via the “Directory name” tab.

Search in Tags

If a file has been tagged with a document type via FilesApp using Smart Upload, Workflow or API connection, it is possible to search specifically for tag content.

By entering more strings, a search can become more and more detailed.

Search in file contents

If content indexing is activated for a connection, it is also possible to search for them, regardless of file names and tags.