FilesApp Documentation and Service Description

Service Level Agreements

Quality Principle

The FilesApp services are developed and operated with the highest possible care, reliability and availability in mind, and are based on the current state of the art.


In the case of FilesApp, the average annual availability of FilesApp software during the standard business hours is 99.99%; Maintenance work counts as availability times.


With regard to FilesApp, all central components are monitored and proactively suppressed by the operators of the data centers.

Interference elimination

The central components of FilesApp are operated redundantly. As a rule, the central components are suppressed within four hours, but no later than the next working day.


For maintenance and optimization purposes, FilesApp and its data center operators provide maintenance windows. These are usually between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. in the respective time zone in which FilesApp is operated and on weekends.

In order to quickly troubleshoot systems in the event of acute problems in the network, FilesApp or its data center operators can also provide repair windows outside of the usual maintenance windows. If work has to be carried out that may affect the services booked by the users, they are usually informed one calendar day in advance.

During the maintenance period, the technical equipment can be taken out of service to the necessary extent.

FilesApp and its data center operators carry out necessary updates and the installation of patches on the systems provided. To this end, FilesApp and its data center operators are entitled – if necessary – to take the systems offline. In the case of critical updates or patches, there is no advance information about maintenance work for the customer.

The employees of FilesApp and their data center operators are instructed in the necessary duty of care when working on the systems.

Bugs and error messages

Bugs and errors in the FilesApp application can be reported seven days a week around the clock via e-mail ticket via