FilesApp Documentation and Service Description

FilesApp Storage Connectors

We have a variety of storage systems at our disposal, often several instances of one provider, for example Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft OneDrive in parallel.

FilesApp simplifies the retrieval of files and their structured, correct and automated storage.

For this purpose, all desired and possible storage systems are integrated into FilesApp, for which the so-called FilesApp Connections – the connections to the storage systems – are available.

For example, through the application development of FilesApp, certain storage system providers were connected to FilesApp on an API basis, so that the most important file management functions can be executed directly in the FilesApp.

These include around file management and depending on the authorization of the user on the storage system:

  • Creation, editing, deletion
  • Copy & Paste
  • Drag & Drop
  • Smart Upload (this creates tag content in FilesApp)
  • easy upload
  • Divide
  • Etc.