FilesApp Documentation and Service Description

FilesApp Workflows and Automation with Power Automate

With FilesApp, it is possible to use Microsoft Power Automate to create workflows. The triggers and actions for Power Automate have been integrated down to the document type and tag level, which makes the complete FilesApp functionalities controllable via workflows.

FilesApp provides numerous templates for Microsoft Power Automate workflows that can be adopted by the user, see description below.

The execution of workflows and automations in FilesApp is independent of the storage system, for example, files can be stored on Google Drive via FilesApp, which are controlled by a Microsoft Power Automate workflow.

If the user would like support in configuring and creating Microsoft Power Automate workflows, this can be requested via FilesApp, which in turn refers one of its partners. Inquiries can be directed to

FilesApp triggers and actions can be called directly in Microsoft Power Automate. The Microsoft-certified connector can use “FilesApp”, which is publicly available.