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Process optimization, digitization, automation – FilesApp takes routines related to data, file and document management to a whole new level
Thanks to data protection-compliant integration of artificial intelligence (AI) more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever
FilesApp fits perfectly into the common storage systems and enables the retrieval of data and files up to queries over the entire data pool (Generative AI) at an unprecedented speed – on the computer, tablet and smartphone
Flexible, fast and secure, all in one app

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AI-supported, generic file management system with enterprise search functions, system integration and automation options
in one app for Windows, MAC, iOS, Android and Web


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File management in our digital world

Handling is becoming more and more complex

Distributed storage systems and providers

We have access to a variety of storage locations and systems, such as Microsoft 365, Google Drive, AWS, iCloud, hard drives, network drives, and much more.

It is easy to lose track of where which data was stored.

Accessing files from mobile operating systems, especially smartphones, is even more complex.

In addition to the complex handling for searching and storing files, FilesApp is the first app that makes all storage systems easy to integrate and use efficiently.

Files are hard to find

The scattered files can be somewhere on the more or less used storage systems, have incomprehensible file names and mostly the content is not indexed.

The search is tedious and time-consuming.

Who doesn’t ask themselves the question every day: “Where can I find the file?”

With an average hourly rate in medium-sized companies, the costs of the FilesApp are amortized if someone has to search for a file for more than 3 minutes a month… and can find it right away.

Missing directory structure and data security

There is usually a lack of understanding of the correct handling of the data, it is stored arbitrarily without rules.

Data security is complex to implement and manage, and users don’t comply.

The same applies to the specification of file naming conventions, the storage location and the directory or, in principle, the file system to be used.

Do you know the topic from your practice?
Data that is not objectionable under data protection law should be stored on SharePoint or a server drive, but sensitive data should be stored in an encrypted environment from a third-party provider, for example.

The users are confused

Modern collaboration applications have further aggravated the situation.

At the latest with the meteoric increase in cloud use, above all by Microsoft with Office365, SharePoint, Teams and much more or the Google applications, users know even less what to save where and where to find it again.

Handling the same on the mobile operating systems is only possible with an enormous investment of time and a lot of patience.

Professional file and document management is therefore more important than ever.